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Digital Marketing Strategy

Knowing who and where your customers are is the best starting point towards success in finding & attracting them..

Crafting a marketing strategy for your business forms a solid foundation to connect, engage, communicate & convince your customers to do business with you.

Understanding your audience, the competitive landscape, your brand identity  and your goals, will achieve the best results from your marketing efforts & investments.

Before embarking on any digital marketing initiatives, Mirage Media works with you to develop a strategic plan to define customer persona profiles; competition; brand identity & content.

Armed with this knowledge, we build, deploy & distribute marketing content for the right audience, at the right time and at the right place where your customers are looking for more information about the goods & services your business offers.


...If you’re not reaching and engaging 

potential customers

 across a purchase journey that’s 

increasingly online, 

you can be sure another brand is... 

Google Search Campaigns

Get Found

Over seven billion online search queries are made each day.

As people rely more heavily on the internet to find the answers to their most pressing questions, the digital space has become a big part of how users discover products and services they need

Searches go beyond the simple discovery of new businesses, products & services. Often, people are searching for news,  entertainment, directions, contact information, reviews, and more. When you make it easy to be found, you make it easy to do business and your business grows.

Developing optimised digital marketing assets connects your business right when consumers are researching online prior to purchase. Learn more..

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Stand Out

Over 60% of the worlds population is on the internet every day.

Information they find online engages interest, establishes trust and motivates action to encourage them to choose your goods & services.

By posting helpful knowledge on your digital marketing properties, such as, news, photos and offers to show what makes your business unique, you give customers reasons to choose you every time.

Our end-to-end integrated social media and content marketing plan will draw your potential customers closer, by delivering relevant, interesting, useful information which creates positive brand equity and increases revenue over the long term.  Learn more..

Mirage Media Digital Marketing Agency Nairobi

Sell More

87% of consumers look for information online before buying.

After your brand has connected with your audience, received their attention and deepened engagement, it's time to convince & covert those searchers into customers.

By measuring how the digital marketing strategy is converting sales, Mirage Media continuously applies these learnings to iteratively build a foundation that ensures sales growth over the long term.

Our marketing partnership develops and delivers a framework to ensure that moving forward, your marketing investments are deployed and  always kept up-to-date and evolving, along with your business objectives. Learn more..

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Let's explore actionable solutions to help 

your brand gain a clear voice,

 speak to the right audience, 

create growth opportunities, 

and build resilience for the future.